Thispage shows you how to choose a shipping method for your order, estimateshipping cost and shipping times, and gives other useful information on's shipping process.Generally, we will ship the next day, but it will be adjustedaccording to your order quantity. This time is usually about 1-4 days.

Express Shipping

Thisshipping method is the fastest available. Delivery times are between 4-10 days to all major destinations.Shipping costs vary with item, but all orders that use expedited shipping willreceive a 36% discount on shipping costs.

Super Saver Shipping

Forsome items, there is an option to ship your order by Air Mail. If your orderqualifies for shipping by Air Mail it will automatically appear as an optionwhen you checkout. Delivery times are between 10 - 20 days for all majordestinations. Although the delivery time is much longer, shipping costs aremuch lower if this option is chosen. Order tracking and shipping insurance arenot available with shipping by Air Mail. Please take this into considerationwhen choosing this option.

Please Note:

The customs clearance times:

Standard Shipping times have been extended to 15-30 business daysfor Brazil and 10-15 business days for all other destinations in Latin America.

Chinese holiday reminder:

During Chinese holidays, Chinese National Day and Chinese New Year , services from certain suppliers andcarriers may be affected,the deliveries for order placed around these holidaysmay be delayed 2-4 days.

Howdo I calculate shipping costs?

It is an estimate of how much it will cost for each of ourdifferent shipping methods on product you choose . Please note, this is only anestimate and actual shipping costs will be calculated at checkout with yourdetail address information.